The Tel Aviv Museum of Art Showed Contemporary Art From the Teplitzky Collection

artwork: Chiho Aoshima - "A Contented Skull", 2008 - Offset lithograph - Edition of 300 - 59.5 x 130 cm. - The Teplitzky Collection. Viewed at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art in "Roundabout: Face to Face", through January 30th.

Tel Aviv, Israel.- The Tel Aviv Museum of Art was pleased to present “Roundabout: Face to Face”, viewed at the museum through January 30th. “Roundabout” is an international collection of contemporary art that includes artists from Asia, Australia and New Zealand, as well as from the United States, Israel, Russia and Britain. The exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art featured 60 works by 50 artists, whose art reflects a wide range of cultural, ideological, religious, and political conflicts. The presentation of these works one alongside another constitutes an attempt to foster dialogue between these different artists, and between the various cultural and ideological worldviews underlying their works.