The Tashkeel in Dubai Presents Joshua Watts’ Mixed-Media Art

artwork: Joshua Watts - "The Frogman - Collaborative Portrait of Lloyd Menard", 2011 - Mixed media - 99 x 122 cm. - Courtesy Tashkeel, © the artist. On view in the artist's solo exhibition at the Tashkeel in Dubai until June 8th.

Dubai.- The Tashkeel in Dubai is showing “Joshua Watts: Between The Lines” until 8th June. “Between the Lines” is an exploration of the many ways we can perceive the people and environs of the world around us each day. Just as light going through a prism becomes an entire spectrum, the ideas, contexts, and motivations embedded within our daily lives are always more than what they appear on the surface. To many of us, a photograph still represents the documentation of a single moment in time- a record of something from reality that was captured by the passive tool of the camera. However, the manipulation of this documentation (whether subtle or overt) leads us to question the very basis of these perceptions, examining them more closely. By altering, adding, and combining multiple facets within the picture’s surface, Watts attempts to describe the countless ways in which a single image can be perceived. It is this conceptual space – that which exists between the lines of reality – that the artists finds the most interesting to explore.