The Swedish Nationalmuseum reveals "Passions" this Spring

artwork: Bill Viola - "The Quintet of the Astonished", 2000 - Video still - © Bill Viola. On view at the Nationalmuseum, Stockholm in "Passions Five Centuries of Art and the Emotions" from March 8th until August 12th.

Stockholm, Sweden – This spring’s big exhibition at Nationalmuseum, “Passions”, is all about emotion in art. Starting on March 8th, and remaining on view through August 12th, over 100 works depicting emotions such as sorrow, fear and joy will go on show. The artists represented include Albrecht Dürer, Edvard Munch, Rembrandt, Tony Oursler, Rineke Dijkstra and Bill Viola. “Passions – Five Centuries of Art and the Emotions”, will examine how the emotions are interpreted and portrayed in art. Body language has been a source of fascination through the ages, right up to the present day. Self-help books and courses offer guidance on interpreting the secret language of the human body and on appropriate body language for various situations. Artists have been interested in the emotions, and how they are expressed, since ancient times, depicting facial expressions, gestures and body language in their works to convey sorrow, suffering, fear, melancholy, tenderness and joy.