The Splendor of the Cossack Era in the Historic Context of the Ukrainian-Swedish Alliance on Display for First Time


NEW YORK, NY.- Having traveled to North America for the first time, the unique objects in the exhibition Ukraine–Sweden: At the Crossroads of History (XVII–XVIII Centuries) are now on view at The Ukrainian Museum in New York. Ukraine–Sweden explores a pivotal period of European history through the prism of the alliance between Sweden, then a preeminent European power, and Ukraine whose Cossack leaders (Hetmans) were striving to establish an independent state. The exhibition originated in Kyiv, where it was chosen the best exhibition in Ukraine for 2009. It is presented at The Ukrainian Museum in an expanded format. Comprising the exhibit are more than 100 unique and historically significant items from 28 museums, library and archives in Ukraine, Sweden and the United States, as well as private collections. An era of treaties, shifting alliances and glorious battles whose victories and defeats had lasting c