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The Southeast Museum of Photography Shows "A Second Telling: September 11 ~ Here is New York"

artwork: Unknown photographer - "Untitled (South Tower Fireball From the Northeast)", 2001 - Digital print Courtesy the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona, FL. -  On view in "A Second Telling: September 11 - Here is New York" until October 2nd.

Daytona, FL.- The Southeast Museum of Photography is proud to present “A Second Telling: September 11 – Here is New York”, on view until October 2nd. This powerful set of photographs is drawn from the permanent collection of the Southeast Museum of Photography and consists of photographs from an original exhibition which was organized in response to the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001. “Here is New York” was originally organized by four individuals in the days immediately following the destruction of the World Trade Center. The exhibition began during the third week of September in a small vacant storefront on Prince Street in Soho, which was owned by one of the organizers and where he had taped up a nondescript picture of the World Trade Center in the front window on September 11, 2001.

As soon as the call for submissions went out, the response was immediate and overwhelming. By Christmas, over fifteen hundred photographers had contributed more than four thousand images, and more than two hundred and fifty thousand people had made their way to Prince Street to view them. The goal of the 2002 project was to collect, organize, display and preserve for historical purposes the broadest possible view of this event and its aftermath. The 2002 presentation of “Here is New York” at the Southeast Museum of Photography was one of only a handful of such presentations outside of New York City. More than fifty images were acquired by the museum from the 1,200 photographs that were originally exhibited at the museum in spring 2002. The images on display at the museum include powerful and poignant images taken by professional and amateur photographers. “The First 24 Hours”, a video shot during the 24 hours immediately following the tragedy will also be shown continuously in the museum.

artwork: Mark Selliger - "Unitlted (New York Firefighters)", 2001 - Digital print -  © Mark Selliger Courtesy the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona, FL.- On view until October 2nd.

artwork: Ellen K. Jaffe - "Untitled", 2001 Digital print - © Ellen K. Jaffe Courtesy the Southeast Museum of Photography, Daytona, FL.The Southeast Museum of Photography (SMP) is a public resource dedicated to the advancement of the fields of photography and education through multi-disciplinary curriculum service, community education and public programs. The Museum upholds professional museum standards (AAM), and values freedom of intellectual inquiry, diversity, service to the discipline and profession and partnership with our community. The Southeast Museum of Photography assists Daytona State College in its mission of providing quality, affordable academic, job training and personal enrichment programs to educate and empower individuals and promote economic development. The SMP is an independent academic and public-service unit of Daytona State College. The museum opened in 1992 and is one of 13 facilities in the US dedicated exclusively to photography, and one of only a handful of such institutions nationally, that share a scope, reach and depth of collection and activities in this specific field. It is Florida’s most comprehensive museum of photography and the largest in the southeast. SMP is a vibrant museum with an impressive international reputation of leadership for photography exhibitions, publications and educational programming. SMP exhibitions and publications are well known in the field of photography and reach an international audience. The museum serves national audiences for photography and art as well as all local and regional audiences, universities, colleges and schools. SMP enjoys strong relations with other national and international photographic institutions and has hosted significant exhibitions of world-class photojournalism, fashion and advertising images, contemporary photographic art, thematic exhibitions by most major photographic artists; and the works of such renowned photographers as Andre Kertesz, Paul Strand, Edward Weston, Robert Rauschenberg, Alex Webb, Susan Mieselas, Steve McCurry, Eugene Richards and Paul Fusco.

Since 1992, the Museum has presented more than 300 exhibitions; 300 symposia, lectures, or other programs; and published more than 30 monographs or catalogues. In a typical year there are six exhibition seasons presenting solo, survey, vintage, thematic and various forms of retrospective exhibitions numbering about twenty. In recent years there has been a considerable increase in the number of exhibitions and programs directly presenting works significant to Florida and/or produced by Florida artists. The museum has also directed more of its curatorial efforts into generating, researching and developing new exhibitions directly. Exhibitions and public programs in photography bring many of the world’s most renowned artists and photojournalists to the museum and to Florida. SMP recently moved to a new contemporary, multi-purpose complex at the main Daytona campus entrance of Daytona State College, directly on International Speedway Boulevard; giving the museum a very high profile in the community on the most-traveled public street. The landmark cultural complex enhances the museum’s ability to serve the community, the region and visitors to the area. It includes increased gallery space (9,000 sq.ft.), and education, workshop and office space, a theatre-style lecture area, seminar rooms (three, combined capacity 120 seats), a public access reference library and photographic resource center, a new museum bookstore, coffee shop and a cinema/screening room (90 seat). Atrium, seminar and banquet/symposium program areas total 30,000 sq. ft. Visit the museum’s website at …