The South Carolina State Museum hosts "Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012"

artwork: Tom Stanley - "Red White and Black #2", 2010  -  Acrylic on canvas  -  48" x 60" - Courtesy of the artist. On view at the South Carolina State Museum from February 24th until August 26th.

Columbia, South Carolina.- The South Carolina State Museum is proud to present “Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012”, on view at the museum from February 24th through August 26th. This new art exhibit will examine a topic not always quickly associated with the traditions of the Palmetto State – abstract art. “Abstract Art in South Carolina: 1949-2012” will be on show in the Lipscomb Art Gallery, and will present the first inclusive look at the evolution and influences of abstract painting and sculpture in South Carolina.
The exhibit will include work by pioneering artists such as William Halsey, Corrie McCallum, J. Bardin, Carl Blair and Merton Simpson, and contemporary artists currently working in communities across South Carolina today, such as James Busby, Shaun Cassidy, Enid Williams, Paul Yanko, Katie Walker and Tom Stanley, among many others. In all, work by more than 40 artists will be included in the exhibition, which focuses on one of the most important aspects of South Carolina’s visual culture.