The Saratoga Automobile Museum Presents Thirteen Woodies from the Charlie and Marie Montano Collection


SARATOGA, FL.- Through October 17, 2010, the Saratoga Automobile Museum presents “Woodies!” the Charlie and Marie Montano Collection: an all-new exhibit of vintage American wood-bodied cars from the 1940’s and 1950’s with special emphasis on the Chrysler Town and Country. Long before SUV’s and minivans, domestic automakers proudly sold wood-bodied station wagons, better known as woodies. Hand-crafted of maple, ash and mahogany, with timber bodies that gleamed like fine country furniture, woodie wagons transcended class barriers. They were bought by everyone from ‘average Joes’ to the very wealthy; by hotels, private schools and camps; by large families, hunters, and anyone who needed more space and utility than a basic sedan offered. There were no minivans or SUV’s in that era, and Plymouth didn’t offer the first all-metal wagon until 1949.

Charlie and Marie Montano, of Gloversville, NY, own a superb collection of head-turning woo