The Roy Boyd Gallery Shows William Conger’s Innovative Abstract Paintings

artwork: William Conger - "Pharaoh", 2010-2011 - Oil on Canvas - 48" x 30" - Courtesy the Roy Boyd Gallery, Chicago. On view in   "William Conger: Eminent Domain" from February 24th until April 10th.

Chicago, Illinois.- The Roy Boyd Gallery is pleased to present “William Conger: Eminent Domain”, on view at the gallery from February 24th through April 10th. “William Conger’s abstractions are doubly original: formally innovative, by way of their complicated dynamics, and thus important from a modernist point of view; and psychoaesthetically innovative, for their abstract forms express the unconscious more directly than Chicago fantastic imagery, suggesting that Conger’s abstractions are more purely surrealistic…and their formal brilliance makes them aesthetically persuasive…by fusing fantastic imagery and pure formalism he has found the means of being true to himself and of restoring unity of purpose to abstraction, thus rescuing it from decadence” (Donald Kuspit, catalog essay 2009).