The Ptarmigan Vase: A Unique Treasure Enters National Gallery of Canada’s Collection


OTTAWA.- Thanks to a generous contribution from the Department of Canadian Heritage’s Movable Cultural Property Program, the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) has acquired a unique and highly-significant vase for its international art collection. The Ptarmigan Vase, made of copper, silver and gold, was designed by the exceptionally-talented American Tiffany & Co. designer George Paulding Farnham. “We were attracted to this extraordinary vase because it tells the story of how Canadian and American cultures are closely connected,” said Marc Mayer, Director and CEO of the NGC. “According to every expert we have consulted, the vase is one of the most ambitious decorative objects of its kind in existence. Canada is the best home for the Ptarmigan Vase. Purchasing it was an extremely time-sensitive exercise and we are most grateful to the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Off