The Prodigy of Color: Four Year Old Aelita Andre Opens Solo Exhibition at Agora Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- The artworks in the show are full of artistic energy, lively immediacy and a joyful sense of exploration – and they are part of the creative output of a four-year-old child. The prodigy in question is Aelita Andre, the girl who has exhibited around the world, been featured in the international press and appeared on major television programs such as 60 Minutes and Today Tonight. She is also a member of NAVA, Australia’s National Association for the Visual Arts. As you would expect from someone with such an impressive biography, Aelita’s art has a raw power that leaves viewers with a majestic impression of pure talent unearthed. Magnificently unrestrained, she channels a curiosity and vivacity so strong that it can easily be felt through her paintings, almost as if it constitutes a tangible force in the world. There is nothing formulaic about Aelita’s work. She obviously takes pleasure in branching