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The Powerhouse Museum presents The 80s with a Spectacular New Exhibition

Red Robin active leisure wear, photo by Bruno Benini, 1986. Collection: Powerhouse Museum, Sydney  - © Estate of Bruno Benini.

SYDNEY, AU – The Powerhouse Museum is bringing
back the 80s with a spectacular exhibition opening on December 13 that will
reveal the good and the bad about the decade vividly remembered for its over the
top excess.
The 80s are back will explore Australian life and popular
culture in the 1980s, remembering the styles, trends and subcultures, and how
they found expression in fashion, design, music, film and television.
Packed with entertaining experiences, familiar personalities, great
nostalgia, and perhaps just a few cringe-worthy moments, The 80s are back
exhibition will remind us all why the 80s was a decade not easily