The Poetic of Written Space: Handwriting and Calligraphy at Correr Museum in Venice


VENICE.- Part of the educational activities proposed by the Fondazione Musei Civici Veneziani, and in particular the international workshop “The art of handwriting” which is in its second edition this year (at Correr Museum and Biblioteca d’Arte and Storia Veneziana, 1-8 October 2010), the exhibition focuses on the unique theme of writing. Curated by Monica Dengo and Monica Viero, the exhibition is divided into four sections that range from sixteenth-century treatises to contemporary works on paper. They all have in common the practice of writing by hand, as an image, and bundle of written marks as a means of communication. The sections: • The historical section : manuals from the 1500s to letters and documents from the 1900s from the Correr Museum Library, as examples of the particular use writing had over the years in both the private and every day sphere. • The contemporary section: artworks on paper and artist’s books by contemporary artists