The Pace Gallery, Beijing Presents an Exhibition of Yue Minjun’s Recent Works


BEIJING.- The Pace Gallery, Beijing presents an exhibition of Yue Minjun’s recent works in cooperation with Robb Report. The exhibition, entitled The Road, is the leading Chinese contemporary artist’s first solo exhibition in the Pace Gallery, Beijing. The exhibition is on from June 11th through July 16th. More than two decades into his artistic career, Yue is still smiling at the world as he sees it. His trademark “Smile” symbol, the playful, mocking hallmark of the artist’s cynical realist style, conceals within it a spirit that’s sometimes stubborn and fragile. By mocking his subject’s nihility, he stands apart from – and in judgement of – it in a unique way. Despite the world changing around him, Yue’s distinctive style hasn’t changed much. So should our understanding of his work change? If the object of the “Smile” has changed, should there be some shift in the feel of the “Smile” itself? Or could