The New Walk Museum & Art Gallery Shows Images of War & Peace

artwork: Philip James de Loutherbourg - "Battle between Richard I and Saladin in Palestine", circa 1791 - Oil on canvas. © Leicester City Council. On view in  "Spirits of War to Hands of Peace" at the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery until July 24th.

Leicester, UK.- The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery in Leicester is proud to present “Spirits of War to Hands of Peace”, on view at the museum until July 24th. This new and exciting exhibition exploring the horrors of war and the power of peace. The exhibition showcases paintings, works on paper and sculptures by artists who have visualised war and conflict and their often hard-won opposites, peace and harmony. The exhibition includes, de Loutherbourg who brings the Crusades to life in his bold composition of Richard I and Saladin locked in combat, German soldier turned painter Johannes Koelz, in his giant anti-war painting ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill’, first shown to great acclaim at the museum in 2001.