The Nevada Museum of Art to Show "Gregory Euclide ~ Nature Out There"

artwork: Gregory Euclide - "What Kept You at Bay Allowed Me to Feel This Way", 2012 - Mixed media - 76" x 48" x 12"  Courtesy the artist. The Nevada Museum of Art is showing (may not include this art)  "Gregory Euclide: Nature Out There" from March 24 until September 2nd.

Reno, Nevada.- Artist Gregory Euclide’s intricately crafted sculptural works, on view at the Nevada Museum of Art, explore the tension between idealized, picturesque views of landscapes and actual experiences of being in nature. Using traditional methods of landscape painting combined with natural materials and found objects, Euclide constructs three dimensional encapsulated worlds where pristine notions of landscape meet the reality of our current environment. “Gregory Euclide: Nature Out There” is on view at the Nevada Museum from March 24th through September 2nd