The Nevada Museum of Art presents Three Exhibitions on a Tiffany & Co. Themes

artwork: Tiffany Studios - "Seven Windows", circa 1902 - Stained glass - Originally installed in the Church of the New Jerusalem in Cincinnati, Ohio. On view at the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno in "In Company with Angels: Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows" from February 11th until May 20th.

Reno, Nevada.- The Nevada Museum of Art is pleased to present three exhibitions organized around Tiffany & Co. “Out of the Forest: Art Nouveau Lamps”, “In Company with Angels: Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows” and “Tiffany & Co. Arms from the Robert M. Lee Collection” are all on view at the museum from February 11th through May 20th. “Out of the Forest: Art Nouveau Lamps” features 20 exquisite lamps manufactured in the early twentieth century by Tiffany Studios, Handel, Durand, and Duffner & Kimberly. The exhibition focuses on themes related to the Art Nouveau style and its inspiration in nature.

Discussion will also unfold related to various companies who competed for customers to sell lamps at the turn of the century and the competition between them. The exhibition will also explore the intricate copper foil production process used for the creation of glass lamps. All of the objects in “Out of the Forest” are from the private collection of Byron Vreeland.

artwork: Tiffany Studios - "Lamp with Turtleback Motif", early 20th century - Collection of Dr. Byron Vreeland. On view at the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV

“In Company with Angels: Seven Rediscovered Tiffany Windows” tells the remarkable story of the stained glass windows created by Tiffany Studios for the Church of the New Jerusalem in Cincinnati, Ohio. Created by Tiffany Studios in New York City at the beginning of the 20th century and named for the angels in the Biblical Book of Revelation, the seven windows in this exhibition were originally installed in the Church of the New Jerusalem in Cincinnati. When the church was taken by eminent domain and demolished for highway construction in 1964, the windows were crated and stored in various garages and sheds for decades until their re-discovery in 2001. This national exhibition tour debuts the story of these seven rediscovered Tiffany Windows.

The most distinguished name in decorative firearms in America is Tiffany & Co. — a surprise to those who might otherwise recognize the firm as a legendary purveyor of fine silver, jewelry and luxury objects. Founded in 1837 by Charles Lewis Tiffany, what became Tiffany & Co. commenced business just one year after the young inventor Samuel Colt registered his new designs for revolving pistols and long arms with the U.S. Patent Office. In the 175 years since then, the paths of Tiffany & Co. and Colt have crossed many times. Among the other American gun makers with ties to Tiffany & Co. are Henry Deringer, Winchester, and Smith & Wesson. The exhibition “Tiffany & Co. Arms from the Robert M. Lee Collection” features a selection of these highly decorated weapons. The Robert M. Lee Collection is recognized as the finest selection of Tiffany & Co. arms privately owned. The collection of items in this exhibition — including three revolvers, four pistols, one rifle, and one presentation sword — is rivaled only by those on display in the Robert M. Lee Gallery of American Arms, at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Tiffany’s production of presentation swords and fine guns began in the 1850s, reached a peak during the Civil War period (c. 1861-65), and continued through the close of World War I (c. 1918). The art of Tiffany & Co. arms was revived c. 1982, and remained active until c. 2001, with innovative modern era designs created by the firm’s Corporate Division. The Tiffany and Co. items in the exhibition span just over a century — they were made as early as 1893 and as recently as 1994.

artwork: Colt’s Patent 2nd Generation New Model Holster or Army Pistol, by Tiffany & Co. - Circa 1994 - Robert M. Lee Collection © 2012 Robert M. Lee Trust.  -  On view at the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno. NV in "Tiffany & Co. Arms" until May 20th.

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