The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts Shows ‘Lin Hung-Ming ~ Painting My Imagination’

artwork: Lin Hung-Ming - "Nostalgia", 2008 - Oil on Canvas. Image courtesy of the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. On view at the 'Lin Hung-Ming Painting My Imagination' exhibtion until 22nd May 2011.

Taiwan.- The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts presents ‘Lin Hung-Ming ~ Painting My Imagination’, on view until 22nd May 2011. Describing his work, Lin Hung-Ming says: “Art creation has always been personal. It is free; free expression and presentation of own thoughts and ideas. At the same time, there is no limitation to what media to use; as long as one can manipulate the chosen media with comfort. As for the form of art, it depends on personal preferences rather than other people’s point of view. That is, the forms and medias of art should be free, boundless and limitless. Artists should be able to manipulate them with ease to express the inner feelings at a specific moment. Artists’ expressing of own inner emotions should not be intervened, nor limited.