The National Liberty Museum to present Sculptural Glass Exhibition

artwork: Binh Pho - "Gatesless Dream (Green)", 2010 - Cast glass, paint, gold - 6" x 14" - Courtesy the National Liberty Museum, Philadelphia. On view in “Seeking Freedom: Six Artists' Journeys from Oppression to Freedom” from June 28th until October 7th.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The National Liberty Museum is proud to announce its upcoming exhibition: “Seeking Freedom: Six Artists’ Journeys from Oppression to Freedom.” The exhibition will open on June 28th, in concert with “Welcome America”, and continues through October 7th. More than two dozen sculptural works in glass from six artists who fled Communist homelands will be featured, alongside the stories of their escapes and quotes from the artists on how their lives are different in America. There is no additional charge to view this exhibit and all works are available for purchase. Glass is often derided as merely pretty or decorative. This exhibition combats that notion by including serious, sculptural work with narrative and content, particularly that of Janusz Walentynowicz, whose “Chain” and “Prisoner” pieces are powerful testaments to his life “before” and “after” his escape. Jose Chardiet’s work speaks directly to his family’s escape from Cuba by boat, the hanging “hobo bag” referencing the need to leave possessions behind.  Binh Pho’s works are adorned with imagery like butterflies, dragonflies and peacock feathers, which are powerful symbols in Vietnamese tradition. These elements, contrasted with outlines of city skylines, help trace the artist’s journey from his homeland to America.