The National Art Museum of Ukraine Shows "Mykola Bilous ~ Quotations"

artwork: Fedir Krychevsky - "Bride", 1910 - Oil on canvas - 210 x 292 cm. - Collection of the National Art Museum of Ukraine. On view in conjunction with "Mykola Bilous: Quotations" until March 18th.

Kiev, Ukraine.- The National Art Museum of Ukraine is showing “Mykola Bilous: Quotations” on view until March 18th. “Quotations” are the artist’s replicas of well-known Ukrainian classics from the permanent collection of the museum. Images borrowed by Bilous become actualized and lose their “old-fashioned” aura. Among those chosen by the artist are Fedir Krychevs’kyi, Anatol’ Petryts’kyi, Ivan-Valentyn Zadorozhnyi, Serhiy Svitoslavs’kyi, folk painting “Kozak Mamay”, “Samson” sculpture, Mykola Pymonenko, Oleksandr Murashko and other classics. After viewing Mykola Bilous’s paintings, visitors can explore the museum’s other exhibition halls to find the original on which Bilous’ work was based. Mykola Bilous thinks that “Quotations” will help to re-introduce the national arts heritage and unite tradition and modern times.