The Museum of Contemporary Photography Shows the Photograph’s Ability to Deceive

artwork: Randy Hayes - "Kyoto Japan", 2011 - Mixed media - Courtesy the artist. On view at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago in “The Limits of Photography" until March 25.

Chicago, Illinois.- The Museum of Contemporary Photography (MOCP) is pleased to present “The Limits of Photography”, on view at the museum through March 25th. The exhibition explores the area where the viewer loses confidence in the veracity of a photographically based work. We have been confident since the beginning of widely published photographic images in the late 1920s that photographs are telling us something very truthful about the world. This notion can be challenged when the photograph is manipulated to the point of losing our trust both in its identity as a photograph and subsequently in its veracity as a document. A subtext of the exhibition is how long we can still identify a photograph as a photograph, and the parallel realization of how good we are at confusing photography with reality. The exhibition also contains a wide variety of contemporary mixed media and alteration/manipulation. Some of these departures from photographic purity result in very minimal imagery and some in dense, intricate detail.