The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art Presents Winter Exhibitions

artwork: Jordan MacLachlan - "Unexpected Subway Living", 2010 – 2011 - Terracotta, plaster, fired gesso varnish and oil paints, eye shadow, nail polish, silver and gold leaf, glazes and slips - 24’ x 2’ x 18” - Courtesy MOCCA, Toronto. On view in the museum's Winter exhibitions until December 31st.

Toronto, Ontario.- The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art is pleased to launch its winter exhibition season with two spectacular projects; “Ineffable Plasticity: the experience of being human” and “Human / Nature” through December 31st. Taking shape according to the most current work within each artist’s practice, “Ineffable Plasticity: the experience of being human” considers the idea that all human attributes and activity are an expression of nature. The exhibition looks at nature as an unstoppable force that governs and defines us, challenging the notion that anything could be construed as unnatural, whether psychological or physical. The apocalypse on people’s minds these days, regardless of culture or creed, is the notion of an eco-apocalypse. What’s striking is that the end of humanity is not the end of the world, but it is another extinction. The world, the universe, the nature that we are an incarnation of, won’t come to a halt. It’s revealing of a faulty sense of protuberance in nature to think that we are capable of destroying anything.