The Museum Ludwig Presents Exhibition by Vija Celmins: Desert, Sea, and Stars


COLOGNE.- Among the central motifs in the work of New York-based artist Vija Celmins, one encounters moving ocean surfaces, sparse desert landscapes, or vast starry skies. In her paintings, drawings, and, especially in her prints, she manipulates her prototypes, always going far beyond reproducing photographic images in her work. The Museum Ludwig now dedicates a comprehensive solo exhibition to her that includes over 60 works, thus paying tribute to an artist who is still rarely shown in Europe. The exhibition is on view from April 15 through July 17, 2011. The exhibition Vija Celmins. Desert, Sea, and Stars concentrates on subjects the artist has returned to time and again since 1968. Celmins’ models are black-and-white illustrations she photographs herself or finds