The Museum for Arts and Crafts in Zurich Presents Henri Cartier-Bresson Retrospective


ZURICH- Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of the most important photographers in history. The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich pays tribute to his achievements in a comprehensive retrospective that is the first of its kind to be seen in Switzerland. The exhibition is on view from April 8 through July 24, 2011. Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908–2004) is among the most influential and most admired photographers. Even his first works from the early 1930s stand out on account of their exceptional qualities in terms of composition, the view selected and the dramaturgy of the images. Like no-one else Cartier-Bresson succeeded in recording the decisive moment, in his works entire stories are often condensed in a single picture. Together with photographer friends such as Robert Capa he set up the Magnum Agency in 1947 which launched the heyday of photo-journalism and today still represents photographers’ rights with regard to thei