The Museo del Prado Identifies an Unknown Work by Pieter Bruegel the Elder


MADRID.- The Wine of Saint Martin’s Day (glue-size tempera on linen, 148 x 270.5cm, ca.1565-1568) is a previously unknown work by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the key figure within 16th-century Flemish painting. It has been attributed to the artist by the Museo del Prado following several months of study and the restoration of the painting at the Museum. The Museum now has an advantageous option to purchase the painting and benefits from the support provided by the favourable reports issued by the Standing Committee of the Royal Board of Trustees and the Export Licensing Committee, in addition to the support expressed today by the Minister. The reappearance of this painting can be considered a major discovery for the history of art. Pieter Bruegel the Elder, the “new Bosch” as he was known in his day, is the most important figure within 16th-century