The Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris Offers a Fresh Appreciation of Kees Van Dongen


PARIS.- The Musée d’Art Moderne offers a fresh appreciation of Kees Van Dongen (1877–1968), the dazzling, disconcerting painter who made his reputation in Paris in the 1920s. This is a comprehensive look at a multifaceted personality: the socially-conscious Dutchman ever ready to caricature and denounce, the avant-garde artist and iconic Fauve, and one of the Roaring Twenties’ leading figures on the trendy Paris scene. The exhibition includes and adds to “All eyes on Kees Van Dongen”, shown at the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in Rotterdam (18 September 2010-23 January 2011). The exhibition is on display from March 25 through July 17, 2011. Twenty years after “Van Dongen: the Painter”, the retrospective organised in conjunction with the Boijmans Museum in 1990, this exhibition centres on the success that came with his Paris period. The latest research and exhibitions have given us a clearer