The Musée d’Art Moderne Hosts Major Marc Desgrandchamps Retrospective

artwork: Marc Desgrandchamps - "Untitled (Three Women)", 2010 - Oil on canvas. Private Collection © Jean-Louis Losi © ADAGP, Paris 2011 Courtesy Galerie Zürcher, Paris - New York. - On view in the Musée d'Art Moderne retrospective of Marc Desgrandchamps' works.

Paris.- The Musée d’Art Moderne in Paris is devoting a solo exhibition to Marc Desgrandchamps, contemporary French painter from May 13th until September 4th. Consisting of forty large paintings and a large selection of works on paper (watercolors, drawings, collages, lithographs and wash), the exhibition traces the artist’s works from 1987 until the present day and will be the largest retrospective of the artists work yet held. This retrospective is an opportunity to discover many new and paintings showcase works already present in many public and private collections. Easily recognizable by his evanescent figures, broken objects and undefined space, Desgrandchamps’s work is primarily a visual experience. Despite their architectural compositions, the artist’s paintings are comprise layers of differing opacity. Fluid colors that appear to be almost liquid and blurred contours combine to give forms an unlikely materiality. The figurative elements seem more juxtaposed than in communication with each other, as if suspended in the pictorial space. They establish doubt and questions in the viewer’s mind, rather than provide any certainty.