The Morris Museum of Art to Show "Fore! Images of Golf in Art"

artwork: Lucy McTier - "The Beacon (Lighthouse on the 18th at Harbour Town) - Oil on canvas - 30" x 40" - Courtesy of the artist. Lucy McTier's work will be featured in "Fore! Images of Golf in Art" at the Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia from February 4th until April 15th.

Augusta, Georgia.- Organized by the Morris Museum of Art, “Fore! Images of Golf in Art” opens on Saturday, February 4th and remains on view through April 15th. Coninciding with the Augusta Masters gold tournament which takes place between April 2nd and April 8th 2012, the exhibition includes more than twenty-five works of art—photographs, paintings, and drawings showing how artists have viewed the sport of golf and the culture that surrounds it. “Fore” includes works by such well-known artists as LeRoy Neiman, Will Barnet, Tim Clark, Ray Ellis, Lucy McTier, Dan Rizzie, Linda Hartough, Frank Christian, and Philip Morsberger, among others.