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The Morgan Lehman Gallery Shows New Watercolors by Laura Ball

artwork: Laura Ball - "Panic", 2011 - Watercolor and graphite on paper - 82.6 x 132.1 cm. - Courtesy Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York City © the artist. -  Currently on view at Morgan Lehman Gallery in "Laura Ball: Animus".

New York City.- The Morgan Lehman Gallery is pleased to present “Animus”, a solo exhibition of new watercolors by California based artist Laura Ball. Ball’s work is rooted in the idea that deep within our unconscious minds, our faults, fears, struggles and strengths manifest themselves in corporeal form. The exhibition’s title refers to the anima and animus, Jungian terms that describe the two primary archetypes of the unconscious mind. The anima is the archetypical male, and animus the female. It is through her work that Ball portrays the psychic journey of a mythic heroine. She freezes these moments in pigment, holding a mirror to our own strife and resilience. “Laura Ball: Animus” is now on view at the gallery.