The Marathon winner’s cup from the first modern Olympics leads Christie’s Olympic auction


LONDON (AP).- A silver cup awarded to the Greek runner who won the first Olympic marathon in 1896 will be sold at a London auction three months before the Summer Games. Spyros Louis was presented with the cup, a silver medal, an antique vase, an olive branch and a diploma by Greece’s King George I for his Athens victory in the 25-mile race — slightly shorter than the modern marathon. Auction house Christie’s says the engraved 6-inch cup had been in Louis’ family for 116 years but will be sold by his grandson April 18. Louis’ grandson, also called Spyros, said Thursday he would give proceeds estimated at $190,000 to $250,000 to his children. “Our family has been very proud to have the honor of looking after this important historical sporting trophy for the last 116 years,” Spyros Louis said. “And my