The Lowe Art Museum Shows a Gift of Mexican Retablos From Joseph and Janet Shein

artwork: Unknown artist - "El Divino Rostro (Veronica's Veil or The Divine Face)", (detail) 1914 - Mexican votive - Oil on tin in painted wood frame - Collection of the Lowe Art Museum, Florida. On view in "Saintly Blessings: A Gift of Mexican Retablos from Joesph and Janet Shein" through September 23rd 2012.

Miami, Florida.- The Lowe Art Museum is pleased to present “Saintly Blessings: A Gift of Mexican Retablos from Joesph and Janet Shein”, on view at the museum through September 23rd 2012. Painted devotional images of saints and other holy persons, called retablos, are used primarily by Mexican peoples as objects of veneration and to seek favors. A splendid collection of twenty-eight retablos, painted on tin, has been graciously donated to the Lowe Art Museum by prominent Philadelphia and Miami art collectors, Joseph and Janet Shein. The gift is an important addition to the Lowe’s collection of santos (2 and 3 dimensional depictions of saints and other Catholic religious icons). When the Spanish came to the New World, they brought significant changes, one of the most lasting of which was their religion, Catholicism. As the desire to possess a sacred object that would ensure health, fertility, and abundance of crops led to a transfer of beliefs from pagan images to those of the Church, religious imagery appeared. They are on view for the first time at the Lowe Art Museum.