The Lönnström Art Museum Hosts a Major Review of Danish 20th Century Art

artwork: Wilhelm Freddie - "Elefantia", 1940 - Oil on canvas - 100 x 125 cm. - Collection of Museum Sønderjylland. On view at the Lönnström Art Museum, in Raumu in "King of Kings" until September 11th.

Raumu, Finland.- “King of Kings”, a major review of Danish 20th-century art, opened at the Lönnström Art Museum. Highlighting turning points in modern art and society from the 1910s to the 1960s, the exhibition presents a review of stylistic movements and events in visual art. The focal points are expressionism and surrealism, both of them important art movements in Finland and Denmark, and both equally beloved by Scandinavian audiences. The featured artists include two great names of north European modernism, Asger Jorn and Sonja Mancoba, and the greatest figures in Danish art history Wilhelm Freddie, Harald Giersing, Sigurd Swane, Jens Søndergaard, Svend Wiig Hansen and JF Willumsen. The exhibition has work by 27 artists: paintings, sculptures and prints. A sculpture by Astrid Noack is mounted in the museum yard. “King of Kings” remains on view until September 11th.