The Kunsthal Rotterdam Exhibition Highlights the Dutch Waterland

artwork: Co Westerik -  "Zwemmer" (1962) - Mixed media. On view at the exhibition Zoet Zout (Sweet Salt) in the museum Kunsthal in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

ROTTERDAM, NL – Water is the single most defining element of the Dutch identity. The ease with which the Dutch deal with water and their low-lying country is a source of wonder to the rest of the world. With a hundred and twenty artworks, the Kunsthal Rotterdam illustrates the affinity that the people of the Netherlands have with water. Top historical pieces by Old Masters such as Willem Maris and Salomon van Ruysdael are exhibited alongside remarkable works by modern artists including Theo van Doesburg and Edgar Fernhout, and contemporary artists such as Marijke van Warmerdam and Daniëlle Kwaaitaal. This varied selection of artworks provides an insight into the essential role that art plays in our perception of water. Visitors to Sweet&Salt can ‘experience’ the Dutch waterland in all its diversity, be they young or old, novice or expert. On view through the 10th of June.