The Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards: Tomorrow Never Knows


LONDON.- Ed Atkins, Emma Hart, Naheed Raza and Corin Sworn are four of the most exciting new talents to emerge on the contemporary art scene. Picked from a 50-strong nominated shortlist of early to mid-career artists specialising in the moving-image, Atkins, Hart, Raza and Sworn were selected last summer, as the first recipients of The Jerwood/Film and Video Umbrella Awards. These awards (consisting of a £4,000 bursary, including production support from Film and Video Umbrella) were given to each artist to develop proposals for a ‘project for the future’ – providing a platform to move their practice forward (and highlight where their thoughts are heading), while also reflecting on ideas and images of ‘the future’ and how they resonate in the present. These pilot projects are revealed in the exhibition Tomorrow Never Knows, curated by Film and Video Umbrella and Jerwood