The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern presents "Menchu Gal: A Free Spirit"

artwork: Menchu Gal - "Still Life With Small Bird", 1980 - Oil on canvas  -  Courtesy of the Gal Foundation. On view at the Institut Valencià d’Art Modern, Valencia in "Menchu Gal: A Free Spirit" until May 6th.

Valencia, Spain.- The Institut Valencià d’Art Modern ( IVAM ) is proud to present “Menchu Gal : A Free Spirit”, on view at the museum until May 6th. The exhibition, organized in collaboration with Menchu Gal Foundation and sponsored by Social Kutxa, shows oil paintings, drawings and watercolors, representing different stages of this creative artist’s career and genres that grew from her first works influenced by êcole de Paris in the 30’s, to her final creations of the 1990’s. Although Menchu Gal was the first woman to be awarded the National Painting Prize, in 1959, her name fell into oblivion, like those of María Blanchard and, to a lesser extent, Maruja Mallo or Remedios Varo , all unjustly distanced from the general public but who achieved ever greater closeness to those curious non-conformist followers who wanted to discover the alternative, hidden, parallel paths of art.