The Hand of God? Strange Phenomenon at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery


LIVERPOOL.- A 350-year-old painting of the baby Jesus is at the centre of a bizarre optical illusion at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. Surprised visitors say they have seen the reflection of a hand pointing directly at the Messiah in Mattia Preti’s 1660 work ‘The Adoration of the Shepherds.’ The painting depicts onlookers surrounding the holy child. The strange phenomenon occurred when the John Moores Painting Prize exhibition opened last month. One of the works, ‘THERE YOU ARE!’ by Cornelia Baltes, features a large hand painted onto the walls of the Walker. By some complete fluke this painted hand seems to have reflected through glass doors and onto the Preti painting – even though it’s in a completely different gallery. Reyahn King, Director of Art Galleries, said: “This is an uncanny thing to have happened. We have a painting in the John Moores exhibition which is now reflecting onto