The Fundación Juan March Presents "Cold America" Geometrical Abstraction in Latin America


MADRID.- Around 300 exhibits (including works of art and documentation) by more than 60 artists offer a comprehensive overview of trends in Latin American abstract art. The time-span is defined by the dates of two return trips from Europe: that of Torres-García to Uruguay in 1934, and Jesús Rafael Soto’s return to Venezuela in 1973. The Fundación Juan March inaugurated COLD AMERICA on February 11th. GEOMETRICAL ABSTRACTION IN LATIN AMERICA (1934-1973) at its Madrid exhibition space (Castelló 77). The exhibition aims to chart a rigorous and systematic topography of the complex and fragmented history of geometrical abstraction in Latin America. The resulting map intends to reveal the influences of the European tradition on Latin American abstract artists, as well as their decisive break with that tradition: their process of rethinking and the way that geometrical