The Finishing Touch: Women’s Accessories 1830 – 1940 at the National Museums Liverpool


LIVERPOOL.- An exciting new exhibition looks at a dazzling array of women’s accessories that helped add a sparkle to fashion from when Queen Victoria was a girl up to the outbreak of the Second World War. The Finishing Touch: Women’s Accessories 1830 – 1940, on view from 27 May through 11 December 2011 features many fashion items from National Museums Liverpool collections never displayed before. Among the 60 bags, shoes, hats and other accessories including some fans, jewellery and gloves are items sported by royalty. There are shoes worn by Queen Victoria and slippers donned by her daughter-in-law, Alexandra Princess of Wales. Other fascinating exhibits are a pair of jewelled-heeled shoes from the 1920s flapper era and platforms from the 1930s. A veiled 1840s wedding bonnet, dress caps and a widow’s bonnet illustrate trends in the