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The Field Museum Announces “Mammoths and Mastodonts: Titans of the Ice Age”

CHICAGO, IL.- For millions of years they survived, living in temperate climates and on the wind-swept lands of the frozen north – great beasts weighing as much as eight tons and bearing tusks up to 16 feet long. “Mammoths and Mastodonts” were wonderfully successful creatures of the Ice Age. They were a source of food and artistic inspiration for ancient peoples who lived in Europe, Asia, and North America. But despite their size and ability to adapt to different habitats, these early cousins of the elephant eventually went extinct – leaving us an abundant fossil record. “Mammoths and Mastodonts: Titans of the Ice Age”, an exploration of these fascinating creatures, premiers at Chicago’s Field Museum March 5 and runs through September 6, 2010, before embarking on a four-year tour of 10 venues in North America and overseas. The exhibition is geared for all ages and is an experience the whole family will enjoy. S