"The Execution of Maximilian: Border Paintings" by G.T. Pellizzi and Ray Smith at Y Gallery


NEW YORK, NY.- Y Gallery presents “The Execution of Maximilian: Border Paintings” by G.T. Pellizzi and Ray Smith, two Mexican-American artists of different heritages, but common cultural backgrounds. The exhibition refers to the violence represented by the border itself, replicated in the way illegal immigrants are treated—“backyard” policies creating a ripple effect of economic and social strife, as far off as in cities such as Ciudad Juarez. The daily violence that is produced at the borders is somehow reflected through these paintings, which were executed by shooting at cans of paint with shotguns, on the Texan border of Mexico near Brownsville, between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. The making of the paintings took place outdoors in what is, and has been for over a century, the dump for the Yturria Ranch. This arena of action and the displacement of painterly production from the artist&#1