The Dress that Caught the Prince’s Eye Goes on View to the Public


LONDON.- As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge embark on their first royal visit as a married couple to Canada and the United States in July, the dress that sparked their romance goes on view at the American Museum in Britain in Bath. By catching the eye of Prince William in this dress, Kate Middleton went on to capture his heart. The diaphanous sheath-dress she wore on the catwalk of the University of St Andrews ’ charity fashion show in 2002 will be on view from 1 July to 4 September as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations at the American Museum in Britain at Claverton Manor, Bath . Now part of royal history , this garment – originally intended as a skirt – was designed by Charlotte Todd of Bristol while she was studying at the University of the West of England for a project prophetically titled ‘The Art of Seduction’. Todd always intended that the sheath , knitted in black and gold sil