The consequences of our desires: Bellevue Arts Museum presents Dirk Staschke’s first solo exhibition


BELLEVUE, WA.- Winner of the John and Joyce Price Award of Excellence of the BAM Biennial 2010: Clay Throwdown!, ceramic sculptor Dirk Staschke returns to BAM with his first museum solo exhibition, Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying. Desire and consumption are at the heart of this lush and ultra‐realistic installation. Inspired by the bountiful Vanitas still‐life paintings of 16th‐century Northern Europe and the excessive ornamentation of the Baroque period, Staschke seduces the viewer with his voluptuous organic forms while exploring themes of excess and its effects. A master ceramicist whose work has been shown internationally, Staschke is best know for his banquet style displays of flora, fauna and food. In Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying, an exhibition specifically created for Bellevue Arts Museum, the artist takes his work to a new scale. Comprised of more