The Complete Collection of Elizabeth Taylor Displayed at Christie’s in New York

artwork: A diamond ring, which belonged to the late actress Elizabeth Taylor, is shown during a media preview at Christie's New York.

NEW YORK, N.Y.- Over Thanksgiving weekend, a team of practiced installers convened at Christie’s flagship headquarters in Rockefeller Center to begin construction and installation of one of the most anticipated exhibitions in U.S. auction history: the complete Collection of Elizabeth Taylor. This stunning display of nearly 2,000 individual items from the personal collection of America’s last great film star and fashion icon will open to the public on Saturday, December 3rd for an unprecedented ten-day exhibition that runs through December 12. Christie’s has devoted all 300,000 square feet of its facility to this museum-quality exhibition of Elizabeth Taylor’s collections of jewelry, fashion, accessories, fine art, film memorabilia, costumes and decorative items. The auctions will take place December 13-16 and are expected to exceed $50 million in total.