The CAC Malaga Opens "Paintings from the Last Decade of Work by Guillermo Pérez Villalta"

artwork: Guillermo Pérez Villalta - "El juicio de Paris", 2003-04 - Tempera on canvas, 141 × 200 cm. - Courtesy of the CAC Málaga.

– “The immediacy between thought and reality makes drawing essential for me, as is painting”. Pérez Villalta’s phrase offers a clear and precise summary of his artistic motivation and his methodical, intellectual and thorough approach. As a result, he has liberated himself from any restrictions on his freedom to imagine, and his creative projects and artistic investigations thus represent an ongoing quest for beauty. His works feature recurring references to Dalí’s Surrealism, Oriental art, the Baroque, 1960s Psychedelia and German Romantic painting but are devoid of any realistic or expressionistic representation. They avoid affectation and psycho-analytical research in order to offer the viewer a philosophical type of painting with a considerable degree of autobiographical reference.