The Brooklyn Museum unveils the first in a series of art installations set in its period room


BROOKLYN, NY.- Playing House is the first in a series of “activations” that invite artists to place site-specific artworks in the Brooklyn Museum period rooms. These “activations” will forge new connections between the past and the present and are juxtaposed with the period furnishings in eight of the Museum’s twenty-three rooms. The inaugural exhibition include works by Ann Agee, Anne Chu, Mary Lucier, and Betty Woodman and is on view February 24 through August 26, 2012, at the Brooklyn Museum. The Brooklyn Museum period rooms have been interpreted by curators to illustrate with archeological precision how Americans of various times, economic levels, and geographic locations lived in the past. In Playing House, each artist has selected a group of period rooms to which they will respond with sitespecific installations of various media, including ceramics, textiles, paper, and video. The projec