The Brooklyn Museum to Open The Ancient Egyptian Mummy Chamber


"Anthropoid Coffin of the Servant of the Great Place", Teti, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, ca. 1339 B.C. - 1307 B.C. Wood, painted, (84.5 x 47.8 x 207 cm) 33 1/4 x 18 13/16 x 81 1/2 inches. Place purchased: Thebes, Egypt, Africa. Charles Edwin Wilbour Fund.

BROOKLYN, NY.- An installation of more than 170
objects selected from the Brooklyn Museum’s world-famous holdings of ancient
Egyptian material explores the complex rituals related to the practice of
and the Egyptian belief that the body must be
preserved in order to ensure eternal life. The Mummy Chamber will open at the
Brooklyn Museum on May 5 and will remain on long-term view.
The Mummy
Chamber provides a look at the Museum’s collection of wrapped human and animal
mummies. In addition, containers that physically protected the mummies will
demonstrate the history of coffin making for humans and animals in Egypt, along
with objects that illustrate the ancient Egyptians’ corporal and supernatural
methods for protecting the mummy from harm and for ensuring a pleasant