The Braverman Gallery in Tel Aviv Shows "Shay Id Alony ~ Visions"

artwork: Shay Id Alony - "Visions", 2011 - Installation detail. Image courtesy of Braverman Gallery © the artist. On view in the Braverman Gallery exhibition "Shay Id Alony: Visions".

Tel Aviv, Israel – The Braverman Gallery is proud to present “Shay Id Alony: Visions” from April 21st until June 2nd. Shay Id Alony’s solo exhibition “Visions” is the culmination of his research into the personal-figurative-cultural connection between inner space and everyday life. Alony created a site-specific installation, in which he assembles a landscape of objects that allow an anonymous audience to create their own personal space within the distorted frame of the Gallery.  The viewer is able to wander through various interior spaces, moving between partial objects, hybridizations and facades, ultimately joining Alony’s personal journey through his collection of images that represent his inner world. The pieces at “Visions” are strangely intimidating but at the same time nostalgically familiar.