The Biography and Complete Catalog Raisonné on William Bouguereau Out this Week


PORT READING, NJ.- This Herculean effort starting in 1978 by Ross and Mark Walker and 15 years later with the addition of Damien Bartoli, has lead to commencing a complete rewriting of 19th Century art history as academic artists lead by Bouguereau are seen increasingly to have complimented the work of celebrated writers of the day (like Balzac, Hugo and Stendhal) who focused on exposing the plight of the sick, the poor, and the less fortunate and the codifying of Enlightenment ideals respecting human rights, liberty, democracy and “all men are created equal”. Especially important is the formerly suppressed seminal role that Bouguereau played (with Rudolph Julian) in opening up the Paris Academies and Salons to women artists, one of many facts that reverse the villainous role that had been taught about him previously. Since 1968 the prices for Bouguereau’s paintings have doubled every 3 to 4 years climbing fully 1000 times (100,000%) for solid examples of his work sold at major