The Belvedere in Vienna Dedicates Comprehensive Show to Austrian Artist Egon Schiele


VIENNA.- The Belvedere dedicates a comprehensive show to Egon Schiele (1890-1918), one of the most outstanding Austrian artists of the twentieth century; it is the first to concentrate on his selfportraits and portraits. Beginning with works in the academic style, Schiele succeeded, in a series of revolutionary portraits, in overcoming the traditional conception of portraiture and redefining the genre. In keeping with early Austrian Expressionism, in his portraits the artist attempted to give visual form to the mental states of his models. Toward the end of his life he became Vienna’s most important portraitist, alongside Gustav Klimt. An important moment in his recognition as an artist was the purchase of a portrait of Edith Schiele by the Austrian Staatsgalerie (today Belvedere) in 1918. This first public acquisition of a painting by the artist, brought about by the director of the time, Franz Martin Haberditzl, laid t