The Baltic Centre Presents Mariah Robertson’s First UK Solo Exhibition

artwork: Maria Robertson - "7", 2011 - Unique C-print on metallic paper - 61 1/4" x 105 1/4". Courtesy Museum 52, New York, © the artist. On view at the Baltic Centre in the artists solo exhibition from June 25th through October 30th.

Gateshead, UK.- The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art presents American artist Mariah Robertson’s first solo exhibition in the UK, opening on Saturday 25th June. Highly aware of our technology-saturated world, the images Mariah Robertson creates typically have a nostalgia that, at first, seems to hark back to a slower, pre-digital era. Using photographic paper, often at a monumental scale, her darkroom experiments utilise analogue techniques now in their demise to create a synergy between chance, luck and her highly-considered methods. “Maria Robertson” will be on view at the Baltic through October 30th.