The ArtPadSF Contemporary Art Fair Comes to San Francisco

artwork: Marischa Slusarski - "30 Percent Chance of Raining Toads", 2007 - Mixed Media on Canvas; 48 x 36 inches - Courtesy of the artist.

San Francisco.- Joining the triumvirate of art fairs opening in San Francisco, CA. this May 19–22, ArtPadSF, an independent hotel-based art fair focusing on emerging and contemporary galleries and artists from the Bay Area and beyond, will debut at San Francisco’s legendary Phoenix Hotel. In announcing the 2011 exhibiting galleries and programming schedule, ArtPadSF Director, Maria Jenson notes, “The Phoenix is the quintessential place to launch an independent art fair. It’s an oasis located in a San Francisco neighborhood that’s on the edge, and for many artists, collectors and enthusiasts, exploring the areas just outside of our comfort zones or what we recognize as familiar, is often the most invigorating way to find hidden treasures.